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Offmar specialize in the design and construction of machinery suitable for packaging: heat welders, hot die-cutters, automatic gathering machines, machines for bubble film reel making of different sizes with ad hoc solutions for all production requirements.

The raw materials, consisting of bubble film rolls and paper coupled with film and other materials, are processed (converting) by the machines that  Offmar produce in bags and envelopes used for the mailing of objects and items and also for the packaging of products to be stored and shipped.

Offmar innovative machinery, highly customizable and flexible, allow to work all the materials intended for the production of sheets, covers, bags, envelopes, 3D and bellow bags with materials such as air bubble film, foam and coupled, barrier film, expanded film, laminates, etc.

Thanks to our technology, with a single machinery and using only a few minutes to automatically re-set it , it is possible to produce padded bags and envelopes having different measures and characteristics also in limited quantities and with little cost.

The fields of application of what Offmar in Arignano (Torino – Italy) achieved, go from converting to the end of line, to packaging and packing.

The machinery and installations are thus intended to Converters and Distributors, but also to end-users of the packaging product , which can therefore produce their padded envelopes, mailers, pallet covers, garment covers, disposable packing , etc. also in small quantities.

The range of Offmar solutions includes various versions and personalization of the Parsifal Delta (fully flexible machine, the top of the range, at world level), the Parsifal Lambda (reduced version of the leading model), Matchless  (heat welders for mailers), Welda 09 (manual heat welder for envelopes).

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