Offmar srl

Synonymous with innovation and creativity since 1973.


Born as a manufacturer of padded envelopes machinery, it is increasingly establishing itself as an important reality in the precision mechanics sector, thanks to its ability to provide customized and tailored solutions.

The balance between tradition and innovation, continuous research and conservation of know-how is able to satisfy the multiple complexities of the market.


Amaze by shattering the obstacles that make the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.

The problem is our source of inspiration (raw material), the fuel with which we fuel our daily work, improve the performance of our machines and protect the environment. The urge to find answers pushes us to follow paths never taken and to reach the optimal solution.


Creating innovation in mechanics through a reality in which ideas flow in a holistic process where the passion for mechanics, the harmony (synergy) between teams, experience, become the realization of the IMPOSSIBLE.

The uniqueness of the solution (proposed) reflects the desire to build the project around the customer’s needs. Its different needs are listened to and carefully studied, opening the doors to a range of unique and versatile products and services.

Our most important steps


Foundation in a garage a milling machine a lathe and a drill


Extension from the garage to a shed and first envelope machine


Second expansion and creation of the Lingua machine


Third expansion Rotocat. The company continues to expand.


Wbm (wavebag machines) and first external warehouse

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