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Offmar specializes in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery, heat sealers, hot die-cutters, round-breakers, automatic collating machines, machinery for winding bubble films of different sizes mainly intended for the production of padded envelopes and bags, and their correct closing. Offmar machines go from making products to winding, from stacking to heat sealing, with ad hoc solutions for all production needs.

In our machines, systems and processes are synchronized with the aim of increasing efficiency, reducing time and space
(concept of ALL-in-ONE machines).

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EAGLE21 Welding Machine

EAGLE is designed and built to fold, cut, and weld film of bubble wrap, foam, or other heat-sealable materials, forming bags and/ […]


LINGUA Thermoformer disposable gloves

LANGUAGE allows the production of disposable plastic gloves. The finished product is made up of a punched glove, thermally coupled to a […]


LIMA, Surgical Mask Line

With this new line called LiMa, 12,000 surgical masks are produced per hour. In non-woven fabric (TNT). The masks produced are in […]


Parsifal Lambda, customized packaging

As with the cosmology in which Lambda is the accelerating constant of the expansion of the boundaries of the universe, Parsifal Lambda […]


Parsifal Delta, customized packaging

Like the Greek delta, it represents the rise from multiplicity to uniqueness, Parsifal Delta is a single machine for four processes: laminating, […]


Customized machinery

The range of Offmar solutions includes various versions and customizations of Parsifal Delta (totally flexible machine, top of the range, worldwide), Parsifal Lambda (reduced version of the top model), Matchless (heat sealer for postal envelopes), Welda 09 ( manual heat sealer for bags).

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Offmar non fa solo produzione, ma si propone anche come partner conto terzi. Il cliente fruendo di questo servizio ottiene un supporto completo di co-design, un know-how trasversale e accesso ad un parco tecnologico diversificato per lo sviluppo di un progetto su misura.

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