Parsifal Lambda, customized packaging

As with the cosmology in which Lambda is the accelerating constant of the expansion of the boundaries of the universe, Parsifal Lambda wants to be the accelerator of expansion for all those converters who, due to the need for space, have to give up on orders today.

Parsifal Lambda is the expression of Offmar’s DNA, that is, the constant research that led to the construction of a flexible, compact, quickly reconfigurable machine that passes from one production to another in a matter of minutes.

The Parsifal machine line

Offmar’s flagship product, it was born from a careful analysis that highlighted the need to create customized packaging, with low costs and quantities. Offmar, thanks to the new technological solutions applied to Parsifal, has simplified and unified the production process in a single machine used to produce padded bags and bags of different sizes and characteristics.

Parsifal: travel and research, to the point of finding the right direction. The forest is too narrow – an incentive to go further, does not stop after the victory and faces an even more difficult test. Asking the right question, knowing things is not enough, you need to know them with the heart (passion), internalize them and make them your own.

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