Wave bag, recyclability and savings

In the “Recyclable packaging” category, Offmar, a company based in Italy, won for its Wave Bag, a protective paper bag that guarantees complete protection of the items, total recyclability of the paper and logistical savings. Thanks to its wave padding, WaveBag revolutionizes the packaging market by combining the need for maximum protection especially in online shipments, with respect for the environment: this bag avoids using polyethylene air bubbles, in favor of a protective interior consisting of paper “waves” that give greater rigidity and strength to the envelope.

Winner of the ‘Recyclable Packaging’ Sustainability Awards 2019 category.

Recycle actionFacilitation of recycling activities
Product categoryNon for food
UseFor consumer
ProducerOffmar srl
Kind of workDesign of new packaging or new component
Kind of projectMarketed solution

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